Charges Document

 Charges Document

The charges register list all of the interests to which the property is subject. These include positive covenants (obligations on the land owner to perform some action such as carry out repairs and maintenance to a shared facility), restrictive covenants (restrictions on what the land owner can do with the land such as not to use it for trade or business or to keep animals), notices and financial charges (i.e. mortgages and secured loans).

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Title Register & Plan

_________________________________ These two documents are the official documents proving ownership (or non-ownership) of a property. They are packed with information relating to ownership, tenure, purchase price, mortgages, date of purchase, easements and covenants. Read together, they contain all the information needed to prove ownership. Sometimes it is wise to obtain further details of the covenants and easements, which can be done by obtaining the conveyancing deeds.

By using Land Registry Online, you will be able to quickly obtain official copies of Land Registry Title Registers and Title Plans, Leases and Deeds, as well as many other conveyancing searches and environmental reports. We are not affiliated with the UK Government or Land Registries. Some of the searches and documents we provide are available from official government sources at a lower fee; however, without the many benefits offered by our online services.